Vintage Ceramic Lamps w/Floral Linen ShadesOn a bright sunny day a couple of weeks ago, I stumble on a fabulous bolt of floral English printed linen in my basement.  I remember when I bought this a couple of years ago falling in love with the pattern, spring time flowers on a beautiful linen from England.  I brought the bolt into the studio and combed my collection of vintage lamps for a perfect combination for this fabric.

Well I think I found it. A pair of vintage white ceramic lamps, fashioned to look like either baskets or large knots of rope, I will let you try to figure it out.

I made a wonderful pair of shades out of the linen, trimming them with chartreuse grosgrain and a bright mossy green velvet.  Topped the lamps off with a pair of iridescent porcelain finials that brings out the colors of the shades.  These are made to make you smile, bringing spring time flowers indoors all years round.

Happy Spring,