I wrote about these in September and are being requested daily at the studio. So I decided to write about them again. They started last year when my friend Colleen Dealy
asked me to make a tissue box cover with pictures of her children
for a gift from daughter Elaine to her husband. From there they just took off. They became great one of a kind gifts to remember any occasion you can think of from births to graduations and beyond.memory-all-4
You just send me up to 8 pictures and leave the rest to me.
Recently I was sitting and reading one of my favorite blogs Awaytogarden and Margaret had a great picture of one her frogboys,frogboy-tissue-box well needless to say I have talked about my love affair I have for these guys, so I made her one. I figured that every one has to have a box of tissues in the house and why not have them covered up with a box that makes you smile.