dovetangold-585Shandell’s has joined a great group of artists in a virtual market of hand made goods.
Visit Poppytalkhandmade to see all of these wonderful things. In a world of mass production, it is fabulous to be among a group of people who work with their hands from all parts of the world. Poppytalkhandmade is celebrating their year anniversary on Canada’s Thanksgiving day, a great time to thank Jan & Earl for their creation.

Indie Love is a pre-holiday market for all to enjoy. Shandell’s virtual table has our newest addition for the holiday’s, a Dove ornament made from vintage wallpaper and 19th century glass glitter. For years I have keep all of my rolls of vintage ceiling papers and have finally found a great use for them. Doves, make a perfect platform for their tone on tone patterns, the patterns look like feathers. You will also find tissue boxes and matches with fun vintage images great for any room in the house. Shandell’s Star ornaments made with vintage wallpaper are still as popular as ever. More to come in the next couple of weeks.

If you happen to live in the north east of the USA, you are enjoying as I am the unbelievable change of color at the moment. The colors this year are breathtaking.