Welcome, I have finally sat down to write my first post. Unsure of this territory, I will dive in as I have always done with things in the past. It has been a very busy summer, Shandell’s was lucky enough to be featured in the NY TIMES in July. Bringing an array of wonderful new and old customers to visit. For those who have never been to Shandell’s, please let me introduce my self. My name is Susan Schneider, I am all of the hands at Shandell’s, a working lighting studio that is located in Millerton, NY. Specializing in custom lampshades, vintage lighting and “things that make you smile”, recycling old into something new.

Dan Shaw of Rural Intelligence wrote a great article about me, he did a much better job, than I can do, click on the link and enter the world of Shandell’s. There are two other members of Shandell’s they are Pansy & Tonto, my Jack Russells. To let you know a little secret, I really work for them.

Email me your comments and things you would like to know, I will start to post often, as Shandell’s is getting busy for the fall with lots of new things.