Spring time always has me opening up draws in my studio that have not been opened for a long time. The past couple of weeks have been so warm, the door has been open and so have all of my studio draws.  I came across a box of 19th century tin horns I had purchased a while ago.

As I pulled them out to take a good look at them, I envisioned hanging pendants.  So the cord and sockets came out, wired some up and they made me smile.  I hope they make you smile and jar those creative juices, to see what you have to make wonderful swags or pendants with. Hand one alone or cluster a group, like a bouquet of flowers

These are tin horns that were made in the USA around the turn of the 20th century. Some even have Made in the USA stamped right on it.  They were used on New Years Eve and many other joyous occasions.

Vintage decorative tin is highly collectible, true American Folk Art. What a wonderful way to show off part of a collection.

The colors and patterns on each of them are as beautiful as their shape.