Copper Leaf Pendants

I came across a box of vintage army surplus enamel pendants. The outside green is a beautiful olive. Unfortunately the underneath enamel was in bad shape on most of them. What to do?

Sleek, modern, simple and elegant.

I could not think of just one description for these lamps, so sleek, modern, simple and elegant it is. A wonderful source I have that makes wood veneer pliable and sturdy for lampshades. Cherry wood is my favorite, the glow is so beautiful, amazing that it is real wood. I was making a large pair… Read more »

Cherry and copper

One would not think that you could make a lampshade from real wood that is durable and pretty. I have found a great source here in the USA that makes sheets of different wood veneers coated in a patented process, allowing me to make lampshades from them. The one pictured here is a cherry wood… Read more »