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dsc_0003SassySleeves are decorative replacement candles sleeves for sconces or chandeliers, crafted at Shandell’s using a wonderful array of handmade papers from around the world.

SassySleeves are a must-have for sprucing up an ordinary sconce or a chandelier. Bring an unexpected bit of color to your world.

Take a look some samples of what you can do with SassySleeves. No matter what your decor old or new add something to make you smile.


2 Responses to “SassySleeves a Must Have”

  1. Devin

    this is the first time I have visited your blog.I am very impressed. Your blog is really unique and fun. I love all the lamps and item you have. Will be back to read new entry’s. Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

  2. JewelryWorksbyKim

    I love those SassySleeves. What a great idea to spruce up chandeliers. Great blog. I’ve never seen someone with such a passion for decorative lamps! How creative.

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