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top lamp 1

The scrap yard, as you know is one of my favorite destinations when I travel. This pair of lamps I have pictured are from a wonderful piece of 19th century fencing with a great silver paint. So, off to the welders they went.

When I got them back from him, I was searching for a great paper to pair them with.  As I was looking through my vintage papers, I came across a stack of Topography Maps, dating 1905 that I had purchased years ago.  To make it even better, I had some from areas near to where I am located.  Saugerties, Ulster and Catskill are some of the towns that are on these maps.

I wonder, these fence pieces came from upstate New York, could they have come from one of the towns that I have pictured.

Check out Good Scrap Yard Part 1 & Part 2 to see what other fabulous finds I created into to lamps.  I seem to be drawn to orange as a color to include for the shade making, the rust pairs so nicely with that color.

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  1. Theresa Cheek

    I found your blog! Nice, nice work. Have your ever oiled paper for a lampshade? It looks quite nice on old maps. antique letters, etc. Try some linseed oil or the like and look at it once illuminated….gives a nice glow.

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