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download-4For 15 years, I’ve been making lamps. From table legs to iron machinery parts to portions of fences, with lavish doses of the more expected pottery and glass vessels, I’ve delighted in making lamps of just about everything, as you can see in my studio. As my collection of potential bases grows, so does the variety of lamps I offer. Bring your own treasures, or come search through my trove, then explore the endless possible combinations of lamps with handmade shades for every room in the house. The results of our lamp-making adventure together will certainly make you smile.

4 Responses to “My World of Lamps”

  1. Bri

    This picture is amazing! That looks just like the type of place I’d like to stop in and have a dig around – I’m sure there are all sorts of hidden treasures.

  2. susan

    Thanks for visiting, there are tons of hidden treasures, that makes every day interesting.

  3. The World's Dresser

    I found your site in an Etsy thread and I just had to tell you how lovely it is. The pictures, the layout, the content. Everything is amazing!

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