Father’s Day a day to celebrate Dad


I have this connection to deer, they have come into my life at different times.  In Indian medicine the Deer represent gentleness, they are here to teach us to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are in our way.  Sheds are the antler’s that naturally fall off of deer.  I collect them and  love that I pair together steel and horn, to create this wonderful lamp.

I have a fabulous person who comes into my studio every Saturday and straightens out my workshop, she said “Susan, it is Father’s day soon, get this wired, make a shade and take a picture of it”, so I did.
Here is a perfect grouping for the Dad in your life.  Hope you enjoy looking, I enjoyed making it.  I have put it together with matches and a tissue box cover all to honor the Deer.

If you are in the area stop by and see it or visit my online store.


My Sunday adventure at Margaret’s Garden

Sunday at Margaret's

This past Sunday, I took the morning off to visit Margaret Roach’s garden , head guru of A Way to Garden.  She had a Garden Conservancy Open Day.

I took my camera along to inspire me in my own garden.  I took over 100 pictures, of flowers, trees, Frogboys, Jack the cat, chipmunks and architectural elements around her home.

She was busy answering questions from the hundreds of people that came to see her creation.

When I got back to my studio and downloaded my pictures, I was so inspired by my visit,that I made a Memory Box of the occasion.

I had a hard time picking which pictures, but these are my favorites.  All have different elements, textures and color. Vintage iron fencing leaning on a tree, a rusty headboard for a gate. Buddha among foliage.  A purple chair with alliums next to it and anyone who knows me, purple is the best. Topping the box off are a group of Pansies smiling at you.  As I was making this, there was a smile on my face the entire time, remembering my walk through her garden.

Enjoy my memories of that morning.


Click on the first thumbnail to start your tour of my Memory Box.

I have been featured


I received this email from an intern at Etsy.


I’m Katie, the intern here at the Etsy blog.

Congratulations! I’m not sure if you’ve seen it yet, but your item has been selected for our Pet item poll on the Storque.

You can check out the poll here: http://www.etsy.com/voter_list.php?ref=voter&room_id=44

Make sure to spread the word, blog the link, and let people know about it so that they can vote for your item. The winner will be featured on the Etsy blog!


Out of the millions of items, I was blown away that my Memory Box was chosen to be voted on by the Etsy community.

This Memory Box is of Raggs and Devon, 2 of my dogs that are waiting for me at Rainbows Bridge.

I wanted to show for Mom’s day that even if you are a Mom’s of four legged children, like I am they can give you something to smile about.

If you have not been to Etsy yet, it is a must.  A web site dedicated to all things hand made.  You will be fascinated at the amazing talent that there is to be found.

I have a store there, that is where you can purchase from me if you are not in the area of my studio.



Mother’s Day around the corner, something to make them smile

mem-box-1May 10, 2009 is this years day to celebrate Mom’s.  No matter if her children have 2 or 4 legs (not to say that us humans have more than 2 legs, but my children are 2 Jack Russell’s and they should join in the celebration).  I blogged about my Memory Boxes in December and the response was over whelming.

One of my favorite boxes I have done has been for Margaret Roach of her famous Frogboys.

They are a blast to make and assuring who ever opens the box with their Memory Box inside will have a big smile.

Let these inspire you.  They have me every time I make one. The Memory Box pictured of the 2 big black dogs, Raggs a Newfoundland and Devon a Newf/Lab mix are no longer with me, they are waiting with some others at Rainbows Bridge.



Memory Boxes a gift to make anyone smile

I wrote about these in September and are being requested daily at the studio. So I decided to write about them again. They started last year when my friend Colleen Dealy
asked me to make a tissue box cover with pictures of her children
for a gift from daughter Elaine to her husband. From there they just took off. They became great one of a kind gifts to remember any occasion you can think of from births to graduations and beyond.memory-all-4
You just send me up to 8 pictures and leave the rest to me.
Recently I was sitting and reading one of my favorite blogs Awaytogarden and Margaret had a great picture of one her frogboys,frogboy-tissue-box well needless to say I have talked about my love affair I have for these guys, so I made her one. I figured that every one has to have a box of tissues in the house and why not have them covered up with a box that makes you smile.



Horse Lovers Delight

mares-and-foals-585 tb-jane-585

With the holiday season right around the corner, I thought I would put together a couple of themed gift ideas. Brighten up any room in the house with a vintage sporting art lamp, hand made by Shandell’s. There are many to choose from, this is one of my favorites. A tissue box with vintage horse images, this tissue box I call “Jane” she is very regal, tissues around the house are a necessity, but I find they are not very appealing. So cover them up with a pretty box.

A divine hostess gift is a box of matches with vintage images trimmed in copper. All made in the USA, in Shandell’s working studio. Have a good time exploring Shandell’s.m-horse-and-thistle-585




frogboy-tissue-box1I was sitting having my morning coffee a couple of weeks ago, as I drink my coffee I look at my list of daily blogs. One of my favorites is Away to Garden. Margaret has a group of Frog boys that live in her garden and she is frequently sharing them with her readers. I secretly have a passion for frogs and especially tree frogs, I would have them, but they require crickets as food and I just cannot bring myself to touching them.

I was looking at the pictures and decided to make Margaret a Memory Box with them, as they will be hibernating soon, she would have them with her as the weather turns cold.
Visit her blog Away to Garden often, even if you do not have a place to dig in the earth, you will get such joy and most of all laughter from her.



Fall is around the corner

Hello to All,

Greetings from Shandell’s. There is a chill in the air and fall is just around the corner. I was reviewing my list of fall projects and updating my website, I came across a picture of a tissue box that I did for Elaine, the daughter of my friend Colleen Dealy.

She has been bugging me to add this to my website and I did just that, last night. Memory Tissue Box was so much fun to make for her. A great way to give a memory, that will be used and loved. It will always bring a smile to whom ever receives it.
Shandell’s is joined Poppytalk for it’s fall market. What an amazing group of artists to be side by side with. Please take a look and enjoy your time there.

Lots more to be added to Shandell’s this fall.