Horsing around, jump start the season.

horsing around 2009

It seems like Halloween just finished, most of the leaves are gone and the Holiday season is knocking on our doors.  The elves at Shandell’s have been working over time getting lots of things ready to make you smile.

Tissue boxes have been on the list lately, as the weather has changed, cold and flu season is here.  As I was going through all of my vintage images I came across this wonderful Steeplechase image.  The detail is wonderful as well as the color. I immediately made a tissue box with this image.

As you are getting to know me, horses , dogs and animals are a big part of my life and work.  I love the 18th and 19th century images of them and put them on just about everything I make. I started putting some of my favorite quotes on matchboxes, along with some of the most beautiful vintage horse images.  What wonderful gifts these will make this holiday season.

So if you are in the area, stop by or visit my online shop.

House Beautiful, 250 Gifts under $25.00

house beautiful

The editors at House Beautiful selected Shandell’s Matches as one the best gifts for under $25.00 this holiday season.  Visit Shandell’s studio or online store for an amazing variety of matches to fulfill your holiday needs.

No holiday season will be more challenging than this one. How to afford a gift that’s really special, but doesn’t bust the budget? The handmade matchboxes from Shandell’s of Millerton, NY, will make gift giving personal and fun: a beautiful gift, but also useful—who doesn’t need matches, whether in the kitchen or for lighting candles or a fire? And just $14.

As a hostess gift, they will last longer than a bottle of wine or a box of cookies, and our large collection of styles—each drawn from our unrivaled 30-year collection of vintage imagery—would match any décor.

I am extremely honored to be selected.  A friend and fellow blogger Anne Harwell’s note cards of her wonderful chairs were also included in this great list.  Stay tuned to see what Anne and I have in store for the Holiday Season.


Good Witches or Bad Witches

halloween 1

Recently I went on a hunting trip for vintage images.  Not that I need more, but you can never have enough.

I stumbled upon a postcard album from the early 1900′s, that came from upstate New York.  As I turned the pages this wonderful original water color appeared.  I fell in love with it.  For all the years of collecting I never found such a wonderful Halloween image.  Not signed, I wonder who the artist was.

Perfect for Shandell’s matches.  What a fabulous way to light your Halloween night.

Sexy, Retro & Irresistible

pin up set of 3

Pin Up Girls have been documented since the late 1890′s, but the girls from the 1920′s to the 1960′s are the most notable.  Showing up on calenders, matchbook covers, in ad campaigns and more.  These woman always had a smile, dressed in a little or a lot of clothing, they allowed your imagination to be free.

I have fallen in love with these.  The first ones I ever came across was in 1990, I was on a house call for antiques and in the lot of goods that I purchased was an entire series of girls.  I sold them all but two that I keep in my bedroom.  I do look back and wished I keep the others, but since I am this mad collector I have found so many more for my collection.

Shandell’s match boxes seemed like a perfect “match” for these lovely ladies.  I hope they get you to smile for a while.

The “Daily Tattler” is one of my favorites.



Horoscopes, Sun Signs, Zodiac, Moon and Stars

zodiac matches all

I grew up with a mom who had Linda Goodman’s books on her night stand.  I paid some attention to what my mom would say, it was the late 60′s early 70′s the age of the hippie.

I am a Capricorn and pretty true to all of what I have read about them.  I do believe that the sun, moon and stars had an impact on us all.  Recently I have been introduced to Sheilaa Hite who is one of the sisters from The Sister Project, her horoscopes have been dead on for me in the last couple of month’s.

In my vast collection of stuff, I came across 2 series of Tobacco Cards from the early 1900, that had Zodiac signs and Horoscopes on them.

I remember buying them about ten years ago, tucking them away not knowing what I was going to do with them. I was going through my collections, saw them and thought how great they would be on my matches.  So I made them up and WOW.  What a great present, someones very one Horoscope from way back when.

Enjoy finding out what the sun, moon and stars have in store for you.

Bring the Ocean Indoors


I do not get to the ocean much any more, July 4th weekend was always an ocean trip when I was a kid.  My Mom loves the beach, there is something about the healing qualities of the ocean.

The way walking along the beach and listening to the waves seems to lower ones heart rate.  When I do get a chance to go, one of my favorite things to do is collect shells. There are so many different types, in the 19th century they were documented in amazing detail.

I have put together a group of seashell inspired hand made  items for the home, a lamp, tissue box, night light and a box of matches so no matter where you live, the ocean can be with you.  If you have a friend in need of a ocean fix, one of these will surely make them smile.

Have a safe and happy 4th.

Father’s Day a day to celebrate Dad


I have this connection to deer, they have come into my life at different times.  In Indian medicine the Deer represent gentleness, they are here to teach us to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are in our way.  Sheds are the antler’s that naturally fall off of deer.  I collect them and  love that I pair together steel and horn, to create this wonderful lamp.

I have a fabulous person who comes into my studio every Saturday and straightens out my workshop, she said “Susan, it is Father’s day soon, get this wired, make a shade and take a picture of it”, so I did.
Here is a perfect grouping for the Dad in your life.  Hope you enjoy looking, I enjoyed making it.  I have put it together with matches and a tissue box cover all to honor the Deer.

If you are in the area stop by and see it or visit my online store.


One of the prettiest times of the year.

matches-groupWalking my dogs this weekend, there was a strong smell in the air of autumn. With that brings early nights and fires in the fireplace. Shandell’s has added a new  Must Have to it’s website Decorative Matches.

I was given a box of matches like these long ago by a friend to celebrate the holiday season. I saved it for years and finally designed a perfect prototype for us to make. What makes these great is that they are made in the USA, all from products that are made here. The only exception is the ink that I use. I have put 24 different styles on my website with more to come. I have a huge image library and will be adding lots of new images frequently. There are lots of vintage imagery of dogs and horses, they are my favorites. Please let me know what you wold like to see.

You can also have custom matches with your favorite picture on it made.

I had a customer last year give these as Christmas cards, on one side was a beautiful poem by her and the other was a picture of her family.
These make the best hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, teachers gifts and more…. Enjoy looking.