Copper Leaf Pendants

I came across a box of vintage army surplus enamel pendants. The outside green is a beautiful olive. Unfortunately the underneath enamel was in bad shape on most of them. What to do??
I secretly have an obsession with all kinds of metal leaf, as well as copper in general. Something about the feel, smell (yes) and  warmth, I have always been attracted to it.
Went to my box of metal leaf and pulled out copper. I gilded the inside of the pendants and they came out fabulous. I used a vintage style bulb to get that warm glow from the copper.

Mid Century Modern Pendants


A couple of years ago, my friend Pam at Retro Renovation did a post on mid century modern pendants.  As I was reading about them, I was so surprised to see that I owned a a pair of pendants that were in the catalog she was showing.  They were in a box in my studio and that is where they have been until I was searching for some lamp parts. I stumbled upon them and immediately had to get them out of the box and take a picture.

The pendants are better than I remembered.  A classic Chinoiserie feel, they would fit into any home from retro to modern.