I just recently launched a new product “the original Cloth Cord Swag & Pendant Light Kits”

Well, my own creativity has been unleashed.  I have boxes and boxes of old architectural findings and such, they are now being turned into beautiful lighting.

The pendant/swag pictured is made from old brass lighting parts.

Most of my creativity is out into lampshades, vintage things to make into lamps, and fabulous old lamps.  Now this is a whole new territory I am discovering and having so much fun with.  Hope this sparks you creative juices.

Have a great day.



Bring your own one-of-a-kind creations — to light
Express your creativity
— create your own, one-of-a-kind light fixture — and enjoy it every day —
with The Original Cloth Cord Swag and Pendant Light Kits from shandells.com.

For my Cloth Cord Light Kits I’ve chosen the same high-quality materials and components that I use in my own high-end creations. This delicious cloth cord is Made in the U.S., and all the kits are assembled-to-order here in my workshop studio in Millerton, N.Y.


Put a Bulb In It

The idea for these light kits surfaced after my friend Pam Kueber of RetroRenovation.com and I taped a video sharing ideas to create upcycled pendant light shades.


After doing the video, we discovered that the only DIY swag and pendant light kits on the market today are plastic. Can you believe it:  No one was making kits using gorgeous, vintage-style cloth cord. So, building on my longtime lamp-making experience – I decided to create these kits for everyone interested in working with this wonderful art form.

My kits including everything you need to string your light, including instructions. You can choose from:

  • Swag Kit with 12- or 15-feet of cord…
  • Pendant Kit starting with 2′ of cord…
  • Note: Your kit arrives with the porcelain socket already wired to the cloth cord… you add your shade and finish the rest…
  • Four cloth cord colors: Putty, Gold, Brown or Red…
  • Coordinating hardware in Brass or Nickel…
  • Two Ball Jar kits — I wire on the lid, you add your own Jelly Jar and complete the project…
  • And, I offer vintage, Edison-style light bulbs if you want to top off your project with this detail.
  • Prices? I am a longtime independent craftsperson — I buy the materials wholesale — and then pull them into kits for you with no middleman involved. No big box retailers involved. No big marketing machine. Just us folks. That is: Me.
  • This Little Light of Mine — I’m Gonna Let It Shine

    Whether you are into upcycling, crafting, vintage, collage, scrapbooking, or some other art form — and want to use your skills to create a work-of art lighting fixture…. Or whether you simply want to hang a special lampshade in a special place — my Cloth Cord Swag & Pendant Light Kits are designed to help.

    Truly: Your imagination has no limits when it comes to what you can do to create a pendant or swag light of your very own. What will you create?


I have been to 3 farm markets in the last week.  Cannot get enough of fresh greens and produce.  Living upstate New York in the Hudson Valley, there are so many wonderful farms around.  With all that said, what do you do with all that you bring home??  Can all you can. I found this great image for advertising canning jars in the 1940’s, when having a garden at home was part of the way of life.  I made a matchbox with this graphic image, great for a hostess gift this time of year.

As canning will be on so many peoples mind, head on over to my friends Margaret’s  site A Way to Garden for a chance to win some Weck canning jars, these are on my list to add to my collection this year.

What is your favorite thing to can?  Mine is peach chutney and whole peaches.  As I was hunting around the internet I also found this great site dedicated to canning, Food in Jars, there are wonderful recipes and tip that Marisa gives.

I love to open up a jar of anything I put up last year in the dead of winter, it is like opening up a can of summer.

Happy canning.

Got an email from a friend saying “Your matchboxes are on the home page of MSN.com”

How fabulous is this, Shandell’s vintage chicken matchboxes front and center.

50 Things Under $50.00 That’ll Make You Smile.



After the winter we have had here in the Hudson Valley, spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind.  A customer come in last week with a car full of lamps.  As she hauled them all in from her car, she said “Spring Cleaning, new shades and repairs.” Rearranging her house and cleaning away,  thought she would update some of her treasured family lamps.

She was not the only one, I made a house call and filled my car with a customers treasures, all to be reworked.

New sockets, fabulous colored cloth cords and new bases. Even a new finial can make a wonderful change.

This time of year we are all itching for a change, what fun way to make a change in a room, than with a lamp and shade.  Yard sales have started, people are going through their attics and garages find heirlooms to bring into their home.
For the next two weeks (May 12~21), I will be offering 10% off of rewiring lamps. Bring in your treasures or I can come to you. Happy Spring.