Upcycled Vintage Battery Jar Pendant.


Upcycled Vintage Battery Jars, I found a box of them as I am still unpacking from my move last year.  The color and shape are fabulous.  Some battery jars date back to the mid 1860′s. I had thought when I first found them I would make them into table lamps, but that idea left as I opened the box.  All I could think about is hanging them with a small light bulb, the color and shape would just shine. Each of the jars has “Made in the USA” embossed on the bottom.  Also in unpacking I found a box of vintage chain, all different types.  I have used them to create these one of a kind pendants.


  1. Marie says:

    I remember one of those from my childhood. Seems like my mom made one into a fishtank. Beautiful idea! I’ve done the same with mason jars, but this … this is wonderful!!!

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