Put a bulb in it!!!

Make Pendant Lights Out of Thrifty Vintage Finds — Put A Bulb In It! from RetroRenovation.com on Vimeo.

I got a call from my friend Pam at Retro Renovation a couple of weeks ago. She talked to me about making a video for her readers. “Put a bulb in it” was the theme. Taking thrifty finds, treasures or what ever you have in mind and making a hanging pendant out of it. What a great idea. So here is my first video. We had such fun making this one, there are more to come. Enjoy, and get creative.



  1. judy lake says:

    Nice job Susan! I think you’ve got a new career.
    Happy Spring,
    judy lake

  2. susan says:

    Thanks Judy, we had a great time. I think we laughed more than anything. All the snow has melted. Happy SPRING to you.


  3. Marcy says:

    Susan, it looks like you and Pam had a fun time making this video. I love the ideas! I featured your site on stylesson.com – now I’m off to look for items that would make good pendant lights…

  4. LOL! I thought this was going to be a “take” on Portlandia’s “Put a BIrd on It”!! There are some good ideas here! I love unique lighting.

  5. pve says:

    …and I thought you were putting bulbs in the garden! Happy Spring, nice video.

  6. I thought I ought to share the link to the Portlandia skit I was referring to.


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