Chairs + Ginger Jars = A fun project with Anne Harwell


I have met the most amazing, talented people this year.  The blogosphere is a world all to itself.   Anne Harwell from Annechovie is one of these people.  Visit her blog and see what I am talking about.  She is an artist and  paints all different types of things, but her chairs are one my favorites.  I sent a tissue box with her chairs on it as a thank you for a wonderful post she did on me.

I was in the shower thinking (I do my best thinking there) about projects for the fall and winter.  Anne’s artwork popped in my head, I thought how wonderful to collaborate with her.  Put her art on my art.  A new twist.  I work mostly with vintage images and I am finding that there are so many artists work that would look great on what I do.

So, here is the first of what I hope to be many fun projects.  The tissue box and matches will be done in limited quantities.




  1. Nancy says:

    Susan, I love these. Beautifully done by both artists.

    You are so right about the blogosphere…it is such a source of inspiration and empowerment, mostly for women artists in my area of interest. I love that, too!

  2. susan says:

    Nancy, it is like a wonderful sisterhood. Nice to know you.

  3. Very pretty. Hi Susan!

  4. annechovie says:

    So fun to work with such a talent as yourself, Susan!

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