Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year

pumpkin lamps 3

The potters of the Mid 19th century experimented in the most amazing shapes and glazes.

Lucky for us so many examples survived the changing times.

I wonder what the artist’s of that time would think of how I transform them.

I could not resist this pair,  perfect for this time of year. There shape, chunky and round,

just like the pumpkins we have been decorating our homes with.

I paired them with a great paper made with leaves running throughout.

Bring a bit of nature indoors to make you smile.


  1. pve says:

    Those are so warm and would certainly “spice” up any room.

  2. annechovie says:

    Great job and perfect for Fall, Susan! Thanks for the sweet comment and hope you have a great week! xx

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