Getting ready for the cold

tissue box screen shot

The cold weather in nearly here,  most of the beautiful fall leaves have dropped. The news  is full of all the things one needs to do to prevent the common cold or flu.  Keeping a box of tissues at hand is high on the list.

I could not agree with them more, but those boxes are very ugly (sorry Kleenex makers, they are).  I have a box in every room of my house. Here are some of Shandell’s tissue boxes, great to hide the ugly one’s we all have.

These make great gifts, get one for yourself and smile as you reach for your tissues.

Stay healthy and warm.


  1. pve says:

    I saw a contraption that is a roll of toilet paper on a head band for tissue at the ready, somehow, not quite as chic as your tissue boxes.

  2. Love the botanical print! Do tell how you embedded etsy in the blog!

    Happy Halloween!


  3. annechovie says:

    All are beautiful and would make terrific gifts, Susan. Hope you’re having a good week! xx

  4. They are so pretty, would you do a custom order?


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