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pin up set of 3

Pin Up Girls have been documented since the late 1890′s, but the girls from the 1920′s to the 1960′s are the most notable.  Showing up on calenders, matchbook covers, in ad campaigns and more.  These woman always had a smile, dressed in a little or a lot of clothing, they allowed your imagination to be free.

I have fallen in love with these.  The first ones I ever came across was in 1990, I was on a house call for antiques and in the lot of goods that I purchased was an entire series of girls.  I sold them all but two that I keep in my bedroom.  I do look back and wished I keep the others, but since I am this mad collector I have found so many more for my collection.

Shandell’s match boxes seemed like a perfect “match” for these lovely ladies.  I hope they get you to smile for a while.

The “Daily Tattler” is one of my favorites.




  1. Joanna Bree says:

    I love the “girls”…if I were a guy I would have these matches on my smantel….all ready to light the fire!!! I think everyone that has a fireplace should have a box of your beautiful matches, there ready to strike; even if they do not have a fireplace…they must have candles ready for the seduction,or the barbeque,or the bon fire… always can use beautiful matches! Good Luck to you & the “new girls”.
    A faithful customer!

  2. pve says:

    Wow – love these…perfect for a bachelor or a cigar smoker.
    These would surely light a fire with some men I know!

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