Sexy, Retro & Irresistible

Pin Up Girls have been documented since the late 1890’s, but the girls from the 1920’s to the 1960’s are the most notable.  Showing up on calenders, matchbook covers, in ad campaigns and more.  These woman always had a smile, dressed in a little or a lot of clothing, they allowed your imagination to be… Read more »

Sleek, modern, simple and elegant.

I could not think of just one description for these lamps, so sleek, modern, simple and elegant it is. A wonderful source I have that makes wood veneer pliable and sturdy for lampshades. Cherry wood is my favorite, the glow is so beautiful, amazing that it is real wood. I was making a large pair… Read more »

Nothing better than a good scrap yard.

Scrap yards, junk yards, the dump (some people call it the transfer station, so it sounds better), are great places. I have been a recycling for years.  People throw away wonderful pieces of metal. The more industrial the better,  I have a true love affair for it.  Old fence pieces, iron findings, scrap metal, you… Read more »

Horoscopes, Sun Signs, Zodiac, Moon and Stars

I grew up with a mom who had Linda Goodman’s books on her night stand.  I paid some attention to what my mom would say, it was the late 60’s early 70’s the age of the hippie. I am a Capricorn and pretty true to all of what I have read about them.  I do… Read more »