Spring Flowers Blooming Indoors

Vintage Ceramic Lamps w/Floral Linen ShadesOn a bright sunny day a couple of weeks ago, I stumble on a fabulous bolt of floral English printed linen in my basement.  I remember when I bought this a couple of years ago falling in love with the pattern, spring time flowers on a beautiful linen from England.  I brought the bolt into the studio and combed my collection of vintage lamps for a perfect combination for this fabric.

Well I think I found it. A pair of vintage white ceramic lamps, fashioned to look like either baskets or large knots of rope, I will let you try to figure it out.

I made a wonderful pair of shades out of the linen, trimming them with chartreuse grosgrain and a bright mossy green velvet.  Topped the lamps off with a pair of iridescent porcelain finials that brings out the colors of the shades.  These are made to make you smile, bringing spring time flowers indoors all years round.

Happy Spring,



  1. Eddie Ross says:

    I love these lamps!!!!! they are so pretty and happy!!!!

  2. susan says:

    Thanks for visiting, they are so happy.

  3. How beautiful and creative!

    Are they staying in your own home or will they be a gift?

  4. susan says:

    They are for sale in my studio or in my Etsy store. A temptation to bring home, but I made the to sell.

  5. sarah schneider says:

    i love it!!!!! everything is so cool!!!!! the colors go so good together. you have one hec of a mind to make such amazing things. i can’t wait to see the next thing that comes out. i totally what one of those in my room!!!!

  6. susan says:

    I will let you know as soon as something new is made. Love you

  7. Tommye says:

    Those are beautiful and the combination with the lamps is stunning. You really have an eye for it.


  8. So pretty and happy! Those lamps are gorgeous!

    E + J

  9. Audrey says:

    Those are beautiful!! Love them.

  10. pve says:

    Like having an English Garden in bloom all year!

  11. Marti says:

    I have seen these lamps in person. They are just the most beautiful ever. Country cottage elegance if that is a category. Makes you want to smell the flowers. Definately made me smile!!!!!!

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